Poor bookings for Pan Indian biggie

The Kannada film industry has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional storytelling, as evidenced by the sucess of films like KGF, KGF-2 and Kantara. However, the industry seems to have hit the bad days with its latest releases.

Now all the eyes are on Indian Real Star Upendra’s Kabzaa directed and produced by R.Chandru. Inspite of having a huge star cast including Sudeep, Shriya Saran and ShivRaj Kumar, the bookings have been shockingly poor, both in other languages and in Kannada itself.

Despite being touted as a PAN Indian multi starrer, the film has failed to generate enough interest among the audience.

Even the voiceover that drives the story forward looks exactly similar to KGF. There is this car chase sequence in KGF 2 where the makers used a blackout effect to enhance the impact.

In Kabzaa, this particular effect is used not once but throughout the movie, annoying the viewers extremely.

Upendra directorial gangster drama ‘OM’ was a trendsetting film in the Kannada film industry and he was regarded as the genius with his innovative films. now the renowned superstar is relying on the copy content to sustain his popularity.

It’s high time the filmmakers come out from KGF hangover and understand that the elements which worked for a movie won’t work all the time for other films.

The emphasis was entirely on making a larger-than-life film on a huge canvas, but unfortunately, the storytelling took a back seat in all this.

It is learnt that Kabzaa has closed its day 1 advance booking at just 2.70 crores gross. As expected, the majority of the business is from the Kannada version.

In the remaining dubbed versions, the film appears to be a boring drama and a non-performer.

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