Nandamuri  Kalyan Ram was in the industry for almost two decades and made his mark with experimental films. He is a person who never believed in regular commercial films with usual songs and action sequences.

From the beginning of his career, Kalyan Ram never delivered a series of superhits as his track record clearly depicts a pattern of delivering a blockbuster followed by a set of flops or average grosser’s.

Kalyan Ram’s first blockbuster was ‘Athanokkade’ directed by Surender Reddy after which he struggled almost a decade to deliver a blockbuster like ‘Patas’ helmed by Anil Ravipudi.

Later 118 became a critical success film and the recent periodic film Bimbisara was a clear box office hit. Following the old sentiment  now Amigos also receieved mixed reviews and is struggling to recover at the box office.

To conclude the highly talented actor should focus on delivering back to back hits instead of experimenting with films so that the producers might show interest to work with him.