NTR’s ‘war’ with Hrithik is another level..!

Tarak returned from Thailand for the shooting of the song ‘Devara’. The related videos and photos are doing the rounds on social media. Tarak will be free in a few days from the almost completed ‘Devara’. With this.. he will put full focus on his next film ‘War 2’. A crazy update about the climax episode of Bollywood multistarrer ‘War 2’ is out in the latest.

There is a separate craze for movies coming from Yash Raj Films Spy Universe in Bollywood. Movies in this universe surprise the audience with tear-jerking action moments, intoxicating beauty, and thrilling elements throughout. Crazy multistarrer ‘War 2’ is getting ready in this season. This movie is being made as a sequel to the super duper hit movie ‘War’.

While Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff are acting as heroes in the movie ‘War’, NTR is playing the role played by Hrithik in ‘War 2’. In the movie ‘War’, the fights between Hrithik and Tiger and the dances done by both of them were highlighted. Now more than that, the fight sequences between Hrithik-Tarak in ‘War 2’.. The dances performed by both these dancing stars will be highlighted.

Mainly, some pics have already come out that NTR’s makeover is going to be brand new in ‘War 2’. And..latest fight master Anal Arasu made interesting comments about the climax sequence of ‘War 2’. Along with last year’s ‘Jawaan’, Anal Arasu has played the role of creating action scenes for many films in Bollywood.

Anal Arasu announced that he is choreographing the action sequence between NTR and Hrithik Roshan in the climax of ‘War 2’. Anal Arasu is confident that this action sequence shot between NTR and Hrithik in the background of mixed martial arts will be the highlight of the film. This movie, which is being made under the direction of Ayan Mukherjee, will hit the audiences in August next year.

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