NTR – the new face of Indian currency

The Reserve Bank of India has approved the release of a coin with renowned Telugu legendary actor and former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao as its face.

RBI will issue special coins with portraits of famous people in the country. In this regard, RBI made necessary arrangements to release a coin with NTR’s figure on the initiative of BJP leader and former Union Minister Purandeshwari.

Along with the coin with NTR’s image, highlights of his life history will be printed in a small booklet of 4 pages and given to the buyers. RBI officials gathered details with Purandeswari for designing the booklet.

Purandeshwari said that it was only with the blessings of her father that the design of the booklet was possible and they consider it their good fortune.

The coin was officially released today and will be available for the public very soon. This coin will be made by 50% silver, 40% copper, 5% zinc and nickel. To buy a coin with NTR’s image, one has to pay Rs.4,160 at the Reserve Bank counter or any bank.

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