NBK’s free treatment in memory of Taraka Ratna

Nandamuri Balakrishna was the one and only one person who took utmost care of his nephew Taraka Ratna who suffered a heart attack during the Lokesh Padayatra. The senior hero now has come out with a great gesture in the loving memory of Taraka Ratna.

Balakrishna announced that the poor people who cannot afford for surgery and treatment for cardio-thoracic ailments would be given the treatment at free of cost.

This would be done in the name of Taraka Ratna in Hindupur hospital and also at the Basavarama Tarakam hospital at Hyderabad.

Balakrishna also named the Hindupur hospital H-block as Taraka Ratna block and he said that ‘No poor should suffer from the disease that claimed my nephew’. He also announced the purchase of surgical instruments worth 1.30 crores for the hospital for providing free treatment to the poor.

Apart from this a statement was released from his office that children suffering from the disease would be provided medicines free of cost for three months, apart from providing free meals during the treatment period.

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