Mythri Movie Makers Meet Siddarth Anand.

Bollywood regained it’s momentum with the success of SRK’s ‘Pathaan’ an action thriller film made by Yash Raj Films and helmed by talented filmmaker Siddarthh Anand.

Mythri Movie Makers is riding high with the success of Waltair Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy went to meet Siddarth Anand to congratulate him on the blockbuster success of ‘Pathaan’.

The makers are trying to expand the wings in Bollywood and Kollywood as they are holding talks with Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan and Vijay.

During the media interaction, Mythri Movie Makers revealed that the film will have both Rebelstar Prabhas and Hrithik Roshan as the lead.

The upcoming action thriller will b considered as the biggest film ever for Mythri Movie Makers till date. With the ongoing happenings,  Prabhas and Siddarth Anand’s fill may have an official announcement very soon.

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