‘Mufasa.. The Lion King’ coming in December

The animated movie ‘The Lion King’ released in 1994 by Disney was a huge success. Movies like ‘Baahubali’ were made with the inspiration of this movie. Walt Disney brought ‘The Lion King’ in the form of photo realistic animation in 2019 as a remake of ‘The Lion King’ animated series. This movie has become a sensational success all over the world. It was also popular in Telugu as a translation.
Now ‘Mufasa.. The Lion King’ is coming as a prequel to ‘The Lion King’.

‘The Lion King’ revolves around Mufasa’s son Simba. Now coming ‘Mufasa.. The Lion King’ is going to show about the rise of Mufasa. ‘Mufasa.. The Lion King’ directed by Barry Jenkins is getting ready for worldwide release on December 20. The latest trailer of this movie was released by Disney. The trailer offers a visual feast throughout.

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