Mega Vs Nandamuri: A clash of unity

The Nandamuri and Mega families are two of the biggest families in Tollywood, who enjoy a massive fanbase, with a number of heroes representing their families as well.

What’s unique about these families and their fan groups is that while there’s unity in one family, there’s no unity among the fans of that family, and while the other family is not united, their fans are very much united.

The Nadamuri family is primarily represented by NTR and Balakrishna, and then by Kalyan Ram. However, it is no secret that not all’s well between Balayya and NTR-Kalyanram. Despite these differences, the Nandamuri fans always make it a point to support them and are always united.

On the other hand, it’s an open fact that the Mega family is very much united, with every actor bounded by their love for each other in the family. Nevertheless, their fans are very much divided.

WIth such differences in the fanbase and within the families, it is to be seen what will happen hereon.

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