Mahesh Babu flaunts his biceps

Superstar Mahesh Babu is one of those actors who can give the younger stars a run for their money. The handsome star is also a great example of dedication as he works out regularly to maintain his physique and good looks.

Mahesh Babu posted a photo of his strenuous arm workout at the gym on social media. In the exercise photo, the actor can be seen vigorously pumping his hands while displaying his muscular biceps.

The superstar managed to look the finest in his basic gym clothes of grey shorts and a t-shirt as usual with little effort at all.

Mahesh babu posted a photo of the gym with the caption, “Arm day!!” Maheshbabu works out at his opulent home in hyderabad itself for the untrained.

Following his work with Trivikram tentatively SSMB#28, Mahesh will team up with SS Rajamouli, for an action-packed adventure thriller inspired by Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones.

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