Lyca offers 50 crore to Vikram for playing Rajini’s villain

Rajinikanth is doing back-to-back films in his career and he has locked T J Gnanavel as the director. The film is being produced by Lyca Productions and will be made on a massive note.

The word now is that Vikram is in talks to play the negative role in the film. The news is that Lyca has offered him a whopping 50 crores as his fee. Lyca has been associated with Vikram for the films PS-1 and PS-2. 

That is the main reason, they have given him such a big amount. Now, Vikram is yet to respond to this quote and has not confirmed anything as of yet. We need to see what call will he take.

Rajinikanth has also done a film called Jailer that will release soon. These days Rajini is doing characters that are related to his age and that is the reason he is choosing films carefully.

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