Let’s show the power of Telugu cinema to the world.. Nag Ashwin

Hollywood superhero movies are very crazy in India. Some of the superhero films related to Marvel and DC have collected hundreds of crores. Referring to the same thing.. Director Nag Ashwin made an interesting post about ‘Kalki’.

‘So far we have promoted Marvel and DC films. And now let’s promote our Kalki 2898 AD’ said Nag Ashwin in his Instagram stories. Also.. with ‘Baahubali’, Prabhas set Indian cinema at the global level. Nag Ashwin mentioned in his story that it is time to show the power of Indian cinema to the world once again with ‘Kalki’. Currently, Nag Ashwin’s post has gone viral on social media. ‘Kalki’ is getting ready for worldwide release on June 27.

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