KTR excited about Telangana based films

Telangana state IT Minister KTR who announced a chunk of jobs for the unemployed youth in the state, made interesting comments on Telugu cinema and Tollywood heroes.

“During the agitation, water, financial resources and employment were our prime agenda and simultaneously we have also worked on Telangana culture, traditions and language.

We have conserved Telangana language and brought recognition to it. Now Telangana language is being widely used in Telugu cinema and heroes are getting hits because of it,” said KTR.

This was not the case earlier. “Telangana language was humiliated in Telugu films and people who used the language were shown as villians or jokers in films,” added KTR.

These comments suggest that KTR seems to have knowledge of recent Telugu films and probably he might have watched a couple of films that had Telangana flavour.

The minister took to his official Twitter handle and tweeted, “A dialect that was ridiculed is now taking centerstage”. He also appreciated the makers of recent Tollywood films Balagam and Dasara which are based on the Telangana dialect.

Earlier, there are several films followed that made good premise of Telangana dialect like Fidaa, Love Story, iSmart Shankar, Falaknuma Das, Jathi Rathnalu, Vakeel Saab, DJ Tillu, RRR (Bheem part).

KCR’s comments are partially true and partially not. Not all films are using Telangana dialect and it is being highly dependent on the backdrop of the film and most films use the language that is reachable and understandable to the common audiences.

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