Big shock for ‘Kalki’.. Petition on increase in ticket rates in Andhra

The buzz of ‘Kalki’ has started all over the world. This movie will hit the theaters in a few hours. Especially.. fans are eagerly waiting for ‘Kalki’ movie in Telugu states. For this mythological and futuristic movie made with a budget of around Rs.600 crores, the governments of the Telugu states have issued permission to increase the ticket rates along with permission for benefit shows.

Although there are no major objections in Telangana regarding the increase in the rates, a lunch motion petition has been filed in the High Court challenging the Andhra Pradesh government’s order increasing the ticket rates of the movie ‘Kalki’. The High Court will hear the petition this afternoon. In the background of the release of ‘Kalki’ tomorrow, the filing of such a petition on the issue of ticket rates has become a topic of discussion.

On the other hand, there is a scandal that the previous government looked down on films in Andhra Pradesh. Apart from giving permission to increase the ticket rates, the original rates have been reduced a lot. The film industry felt that the formation of the new government would go well with the film industry. Andhra Pradesh government has responded positively to increase the ticket prices of the latest ‘Kalki’ movie as they expected.

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