Johnny Master at Bangalore Rave Party?

Wherever there is a party, the first thing that comes to mind is the cinema. And.. the latest rave party held in Bangalore created a big stir in both Tollywood and politics. The news that movie actor Srikanth and actress Hema were present at this rave party went viral. However, both of them explained with video bites that they are not going to Bangalore.. They are staying in Hyderabad.
Johnny Master is one of the names heard from the Telugu film industry who participated in the Bangalore rave party. Johnny Master, who is at the top position as a dance choreographer, participated in the campaign on behalf of the Janasena party in the recent elections. Recently, there is a lot of publicity on social media that Johnny Master is in Bangalore rave party. However, by sharing the relevant screenshots, Johnny Master has made it clear on social media that he does not have such habits.

‘Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t have such habits. It is an attempt to throw mud at me and our Janasenan unnecessarily. We will soon hear the cries of those who spread false propaganda like this. Johnny Master posted saying, ‘It is sad to see the state of mind of those who believe rumors without knowing the truth.

On the other hand, the rave party held in Bangalore is being advertised as having the participation of around 100 celebrities. Police said that 70 of them were men and 30 were women. Blood samples and hair samples are being collected from them. The police are likely to give complete details about the Bangalore rave party in a few hours.

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