J.D Comments On PAN India Movies Gone Viral

Currently, the pan India trend is going strong in all industries. The film ‘Baahubali’ started this trend. After that, movies like ‘KGF, Pushpa, Kantara’ created a pan India level sensation. But most of the films that came after targeting pan India failed at the box office.

Hero J.D. Chakravarthy’s recent comments about the same topic now gone viral on social media. He said that films like ‘Pushpa, K.G.F, Kantara’ which were hits at pan India level were made with rural content and rustic feel in the respective languages.. That’s why they were hits in all languages.However.. these movies are hits.. JD said his opinion that our Heroes are doing movies with Bollywood Directors and actors and getting flops.

However.. J.D. The comments behind his intention are about the movie ‘Adipurush’. In recent times, Prabhas has made a film ‘Adipurush’ with only the Bollywood director and actors.

This movie which came with many expectations remained a big disaster. On the other hand, J.D. Chakravarthy is getting busy again with movies and series after a gap. This year J.D. ‘s web series ‘Daya’ got a good response.

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