Is Charan ready for another cameo ?

Whenever there is a leak regarding TFI, that seems to be exciting. It is known that Vijay, has targeted the Diwali release with his new movie ‘Leo’. Moreover a two-minute long teaser released increased the hype.

Meanwhile, the twist that mega power star Ram Charan has done a small cameo in this project. Chennai Talks says that Charan appears as one of the famous gangsters who come to Leo in the climax.

The presence of an expensive car with Telangana registration is adding the fuel aboutCharan’s entry. The unit has not yet said whether this is true or not, but the fans are very eager to watch this combo.

But it cannot be completely ruled out because Ram Charan is in Lokesh’s list after Leo, Vikram 2, Khaidi 2 and Rolex.

So there are chances for Charan to appear in this biggie at the special request of Lokesh. Leo has Trisha and Priya Anand as the heroines while Arjun and Sanjay Dutt are the other key cast members.

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