VT#12_The costliest film in his career

Mega Prince Varun Tej is working  in an action drama ‘Gaandeevadhaari Arjuna’ under the direction of creative filmmaker Praveen Sattaru.

The makers released a title glimpse which raised high expectations on the film. As per the glimpse the story is set in the backdrop of London.

Varun Tej looked very intense in his role, while Sakshi Vaidya is the female lead and Mickey J Meyer gave a thumping score for an action drama.

Praveen Sattaru is known for dishing out slick action thrillers in a lavish manner hired foreign technicians to film the action sequences.

Given the title ‘Gaandeevadhaari Arjuna’, it seems the lead character is inspired from mythological character Arjun known for his impeccable archery skills which indicates that Varun deals with heavy duty weapons in the film.

This movie is the high budget film in Varun career which is funded by BVSN Prasad made under his SVCC banner. More details are awaited.

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