For Prabhas Success, Rajamouli must be there

Director Rajamouli does not hesitate to help anyone he likes. And.. in the case of darling Prabhas, Rajamouli is ready to do anything. Their relationship started with ‘Chatrapati’ and continued till ‘Baahubali’ series. However.. even though the two did not work together after ‘Baahubali’, Rajamouli’s contribution has been coming in Prabhas’ films.

Rajamouli worked hard and did publicity for ‘Salaar’. No celebrations were held before the release of the movie ‘Salaar’. Only.. a special interview was planned with Rajamouli. At that time there were reports that Rajamouli did that interview because of his admiration for darling Prabhas. Rajamouli’s indirectly supported ‘Salaar’ became a super hit.

Rajamouli’s contribution is also in the latest movie ‘Kalki’. Jakkanna shines in a guest role in this movie. Nag Ashwin designed that character very funny. When Rajamouli’s scene comes in the movie, the audience scremed in the theaters . Thus it is said that Rajamouli also participated in the success of Prabhas’ Kalki.

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