Director Fix For Mokshagna’s Debut Movie

Nandamuri Mokshagna is the most crazed among the upcoming heirs from the Telugu film industry. Mokshu is getting ready to enter the film industry as the third generation descendant of Natarathna Nandamuri Tarakaramarao. Balayya’s son’s entry into the film industry has been hyped for years. Many top directors’ names have already been floated for his debut movie. The latest buzz in film circles is that Mokshagna is going to make his silver screen entry through a young director.

Prashant Varma got a sensational hit at the Pan India level with ‘Hanuman’. Prashanth Varma, who is currently working on the script of the sequel to ‘Hanuman’, ‘Jai Hanuman’, will be directing Moksha’s debut movie. Prashanth has already directed promos for shows like ‘Unstoppable’ with Balakrishna. So.. Balayya and Prashant Varma have a good rapo. In this context.. recently Prashant Varma.. heard a line for Mokshu and Balayya gave the green signal to it. Prashant Varma is so talented in unveiling larger than life stories on the silver screen. And.. let’s see what kind of superhero story this young director is going to bring for salvation.

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