After the Telugu movie RRR went to the Oscars and won the award, another Telugu movie inspired by this is gearing up to go to the Oscars.

Many directors and production houses in India are confident that ‘we can win’ after the film RRR has been nominated for an Oscar.  Movies are eager to follow the path shown by RRR.  Now a small film team is ready to send another Telugu movie to Oscar and the producer said that they are adjusting the budget.

Balagam, a Telugu movie that was released last month, made on a small budget has gained huge popularity.  Balagam movie is about a story that takes place in a village that tells about the importance of relationships, and the cast and songs of the movie have attracted a lot of attention.  The movie was a big hit and was appreciated by the audience and critics.  The film won four awards at the Washington DC Film Festival and also won an award at the Ukraine Film Festival.  Now the film team is gearing up to send this movie to Oscar.

Ace producer, Dil Raju added, “RRR movie has opened Oscar door.  I want to know how much money it costs to do an Oscar campaign for screening there.  The Elephant Whisperers documentary did not spend money to get the award.  I will try to make Balagam, which has won the love of the audience, a place in the Oscar nominations.  I will talk to Rajamouli’s son Karthikeya about what should be done for this”.

“It was my dream to get into international cinema.  In twenty years, I have not received an award even once, but director Venu has received the award in his first film. I also have a dream to make an international quality film. I will definitely do such a movie in the future.  But now I have made a plan of what kind of film to make for five years, I have to follow it, said Dil Raju.

Balagam is directed  Venu Yeladandi  which Priyadarshi, Kavya Kalyanram in the lead roles and other talented actors who are not known to many people.

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