‘Devara’ action in Goa forest

Man of masses NTR craziest project ‘Devara’. This movie, which was originally supposed to release in October, is getting ready to give a treat to the fans in September. The team has already given many crazy updates about the action sequences in the movie ‘Devara’. Director Koratala Siva is going to show NTR’s never-before-seen mass avatar in ‘Devara’.

And…lately they have completed an amazing action scene related to ‘Devara’ in the forest area of ​​Goa. Cinematographer Ratnavelu posted on social media saying that this sequence shot between hero NTR and villain Saif Ali Khan was very good. However.. the film team worked very hard to screen this sequence. The shoot was completed in heavy rains and bad weather.Star cinematographer Ratnavelu thanked his camera team, light team and stunt team for helping to complete this action part successfully.

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