At That Time, Katrina took One Crore For ‘Malleswari’

‘Malleswari’ produced by Suresh Productions under Vijay Bhaskar’s direction with Victory Venkatesh in the lead became a memorable hit. Katrina Kaif played the title role in this movie. At that time, Katrina had shined only in the movie ‘Boom’ in Bollywood. That too was a flop. With the craze of being a top model, the makers have selected her for the title role in Malleswari.

At that time, Katrina’s remuneration for the film ‘Malleswari’ became a very hot topic. There were whispers in the industry that how can an actress with no experience be paid such a huge amount. Director Vijay Bhaskar made interesting comments about the remuneration taken by Katrina for the latest film ‘Malleswari’.

After seeing Katrina Kaif in an ad, director Vijay Bhaskar convinced producer Suresh Babu to cast her in the film Malleswari. She demanded Rs. 75 lakhs for the film ‘Malleswari’. In addition to that, her staff expenses and hotel expenses are another Rs.25 lakhs. That is.. Double remuneration than what our Telugu heroines were getting at that time. However.. it is said that she is perfect for the title role of ‘Malleswari’.If you look closely, she doesn’t know Telugu at all.. so she doesn’t get any expressions. Also.. she had no experience in dancing then. However.. she was prepared for the role of ‘Malleswari’ in every way.. and finally achieved success. After ‘Malleswari’, Katrina acted in Balakrishna’s ‘Allari Pidugu’ in Telugu.

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