Anupama has half a dozen movies

Malayali beauty Anupama Parameswaran is in full form. Anupama gave a glamorous performance as Lily in ‘Tillu Square’ this year. Currently, Anupama Kitty has half a dozen movies together.
The director of ‘Hanuman’, Prashant Varma, has started a lady oriented movie called ‘Octopus’ with Anupam. After ‘Hanuman’, the project took a back seat. Prashanth Varma is planning to complete and release this movie soon. Also.. Anupama has announced the movie ‘Parada’ with Praveen Kandregu of ‘Cinema Bandi’ fame. The first look of ‘Parada’ got a good response.

Along with these lady oriented movies, she will act as the heroine in Vikram’s son Dhruv’s ‘Bison’ in Tamil. Also.. Pradeep Ranganathan of ‘Love Today’ fame will act as the heroine in the movie ‘Dragon’.

Produced by AGS Entertainment, ‘Dragon’ is shooting at a fast pace. And..Latestly, Anupama was fixed as the heroine in Bellamkonda Srinivas’s 11th movie. Overall.. Anupama is in jet speed in today’s young heroines.

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