Another achievement for Balagam at Global level

Helmed by director Venu Yeldandi, Balagam is a story about human emotions. The film has won the hearts of audiences in theatres in the Telugu states and made some good box office collections. Later, the film did the same on the Amazon OTT platform too. Now it’s time for Balagam to collect some accolades at the global level.

This film has recently made waves in the international film scene by winning four prestigious awards at the Washington DC International Cinema Festival. The film has been recognized for its exceptional direction, acting, and overall narrative.

The film has won four awards in the following categories: Best Feature Director (Venu Yeldandi), Best Actor in a Feature Priyadarshi), Best Actress in a Feature( Kavya Kalyanram) and Best Narrative Feature (Venu Yeldandi).

Balagam’s success at the Washington DC International Cinema Festival is a testament to the talent and dedication of everyone involved in its creation, from the director and actors to the cinematographer, editor, and beyond. It is a film that truly deserves to be celebrated and appreciated by audiences around the world.

The film has undoubtedly earned these accolades and is expected to receive more in the future. The team behind  Balagam is thrilled with its latest achievements. Muralidhar Goud, Jayaram, Roopa, Racha Ravi, and others played crucial roles in this content-driven film, which was produced by Harshith Reddy and Hanshitha Reddy. Bheems Ceciroleo composed the music for the movie.

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