An interesting comparison between Baahubali and Lord Rama

Apart from the fact that Prabhas is the leading man of the Baahubali franchise and Adipurush, there aren’t many similarities between Baahubali and Lord Rama. Or so one thinks.

Chinna Jeeyar Swamy, who was the chief guest of the pre-release event of Adipurush, compared Baahubali to Lord Sriram, saying that the characteristics of Baahubali go line in line with that of Lord Sriram, in the way that Baahubali chose a life of dharma, just like Lord Rama.

Chinna Jeeyar Swamy thanked the team of Adipurush for bringing the story of Lord Rama to the current generation, and Prabhas, for bringing the story of the lord to the world in a grand way. He said that it is important to realize that every man can raise to the level of god if one follows the principles of Lord Rama.

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