Allu Arjun locks deadline for Pushpa-2

Among the star directors of Tollywood, Sukumar is one of those directors who strives hard for perfection and delays the making of films. Sukumar is known to take good time in script preparation and pre-production.

The same thing happened in the case of Pushpa movie and there was a delay in the completion of the shooting and also in the release of this movie.

As the movie became a big hit on a pan-India level, Sukumar became more responsible. He started working on the script again. Even after one year of the release of Pushpa- The Rise, the sequel Pushpa- The Rule did not go on the sets.

In view of the expectations on the second part, the pre-production, the promotion has to be done carefully. The fans have almost given up hope on the release of this movie in 2023.

When the shooting started, the unit members came to an estimate that the film might not be released by the summer of 2024. But after the shooting of this movie started, the story has changed.Due to good practice, Sukumar is shooting a little faster this time. Apart from that, it is reported that a deadline has also been set for Sukku by the actor.

Bunny said that it will be released on December 17th, the release date of Pushpa. Sukku also became alert with this blow. The key scenes have already been shot in two short schedules in erected sets in Ramoji Film City. With this schedule of about a month, 40 percent of the film will be completed. If the shooting goes on the same pace for another four months, the entire shoot will be over. If they aim the release on December 17, it will take about three months for pre-production and promotion. The team believes that getting that date will not be difficult if they try hard. If that date is missed, the film may release in 2024 Sankranti or summer.

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