Ali said goodbye to politics

It is common for movie actors to enter politics. Actor Ali was close to politics years ago. In 1999, as per the request of Ramanaidu, Ali joined the TDP party and continued in that party for 20 years. And.. before the 2019 elections, Ali joined the YCP party.

After YCP came to power, He was appointed as the A.P Government Electronic Media Advisor. At the time of joining YCP, Ali had a controversy with his old friend Pawan Kalyan. At one point, Pawan felt that even his friend Ali did not understand him. Also.. Ali replied that he is not living on anyone’s benevolence.

Ali has now said goodbye to the YCP party. He informed this through a video. Ali, who announced that he will stay away from politics, made it clear that he will continue as an actor. He made it clear that he will continue as a film actor. He will not support any party.

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