Stunning Diva Hebah Patel is one of the most glamorous actresses in Tollywood. The starlet who mostly has done glamorous roles has got to play a role that has scope for her to perform in the upcoming crime thriller film B&W (Black & White). LNV Surya Prakash is directing the movie that stars Surya Srinivas, Lahari Shari, and Naveen Neni in prominent roles.The title B&W (Black & White) alone creates some interest, wherein Hebah Patel’s presence is another major attraction. Meanwhile, legendary writer and Rajya Sabha Member Sri V Vijayendra Prasad has launched the teaser of the movie and wished the team all the success.Hebah Patel appeared in a role with multi shades. She likes to be independent and enjoys life on her own terms.

Hebah has a boyfriend, and she seems to have a threat for her life. She is a great painter and has bigger dreams, but all of them get shattered by unexpected events in her life. The teaser shows most of the characters in a suspicious manner, including that of the male lead Surya Srinivas. Lahari Shari, and Naveen Neni also appeared in the teaser.The riveting teaser strikes a chord with thriller movie lovers, and it has elements for youth as well. Hebah Patel oozed enough oomph. Director Surya Prakash created inquisitiveness with the teaser cut. Padmanabha Reddy and Sundeep Reddy are producing the movie, while A Meghana Reddy presents it in collaboration With SR Arts / A U & I Studios Pvt. Ltd. While T Surendra Reddy handled the cinematography, Ajay Arasada provided music. The camera work, as well as the BGM scored by Asheer Luke and D Suman Jeeva, are in good synch. Shiva Sarvani is the editor.B&W (Black & White) is presently in post-production and the makers are planning to release the movie soon.

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