Terrific Response For Nani’s GangLeader Teaser

‘Meetho Naa Valla Kaadu… Nannu Release Cheseyandi’
Terrific Response For Nani’s GangLeader TeaserThe Teaser of Natural Star Nani latest film ‘Nani’s Gangleader’ Directed by Versatile Director Vikram K. Kumar, Produced by Naveen Yerneni, Y. Ravishankar, Mohan (CVM) in Mythri Movie Makers released on July 24th at 11 am. Nani’s Gangleader teaser is highly entertaining throughout with fun-filled dialogues. The teaser starts with Nani introducing himself as ‘Yes… I am the Pencil… Famous Revenge writer… Pencil Parthasarathy..’ Then he introduces his gang that he met 5 ladies with different age groups and they resemble the life cycle from birth to death raising curiosity on their characters. The moments between Nani and his Gang are fun to watch. It also gave a glimpse of Karthikeya who is playing a crucial role in the film. The teaser concludes with Nani’s dialogue ‘Meetho Naa Valla Kaadu… Nannu Release Cheseyandi..’ brings a smile to our faces. Within minutes of its release, Nani’s GangLeader teaser garners lakhs of views with tremendous response.

The teaser of Nani’s GangLeader promises a different yet entertaining ride. Every shot in the teaser raises expectations on the film. Nani will definitely score another superhit with this film which is being made as a wholesome family entertainer.

Natural Star Nani, ‘RX 100’ Fame Karthikeya in a crucial role, Priyanka, Lakshmi, Saranya, Aneesh Kuruvilla, Priyadarshi, Raghubabu, Vennela Kishore, Jaija, Sathya

Crew :

Music – Anirudh Ravichander, Cinematography – Mirosla Kuba Brojek, Dialogues – Venky, Darling Swamy, Production Designer – Rajeevan, Art Director – Ram Kumar, Editing – Naveen Nooli, Costume Designer – Uttara Menon, Stills – G.Narayana Rao, Co-director – K.Sadasiva Rao, Associate Writer – Mukund Pande, Production Executive – Seshu, CEO – Chiranjeevi (Cherry), Producers – Naveen Yerneni, Y.Ravishankar, Mohan (CVM), Story, Screenplay, Direction – Vikram K Kumar
[13:55, 7/24/2019] Venu Gopal Pavan: https://twitter.com/mnadendla/status/1153943078547292160?s=12
[13:59, 7/24/2019] Pro B A Raju: 1 Million Views for #GangLeaderTeaser πŸ–πŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ”₯


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