2.0 is no way near mighty Baahubali

So many said that Aamir Khan’s Thugs of Hindostan is a serious threat to Baahubali and it can break its record. The only thing it did was break its first-day record.
After that, the film fell flat and is struggling at the theaters. Once again, the same was said about 2.0 which was made by Shankar. This was an even bigger threat for Baahubali as its budget was even bigger than Rajamouli film.
But what has happened again now is that the film has got a hit talk but there is no money which is coming in. The openings are just about okay and the film will surely fail to recover its costs in many areas.
So, by this, one can say that 2.0 is no Baahubali and it will be the king of the country as of now.


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