RGV going all out for Bhairava Geetha

RGV manages to get attention with his tweets and makes headlines. As his film Bhairava Geetha is ready for a release now, he has tweeted once again in his own way. 
Taking a dig at 2.0 RGV said Robot 2.0 oka chaala peddha director chinna pillala kosam theesina cinema # #BhairavaGeetha oka chaala chinna pillodu, peddha vaalla kosam theesina cinema 👍 which became viral and garnered a good craze for the movie in the social media. 
A disciple of RGV is helming this film and because of this RGV is going all out and making undue comments about the film. Well, what Shankar has to say about this needs to be seen.


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