No Make Up.. No Pack Up.. Worried Pawan Kalyan Clarifies

It was a long time before I got to the gate, and then I had begun to be nervous and to have half a mind to turn back But the thought of the bunloaf and the sherry wine buoyed me up, and presently I found myself on the high road, crossing a bridge and turning down a lane that led to the sea, whose moaning a mile away was the only sound I could hear I knew quite well where I was going questions I was going to the doctor s house It was called Sunny Lodge, and it was on the edge of Yellow Gorse Fanswer I had seen it more than once when I had driven out in the carriage with my mother, and had thought how sweet it looked with its whitewashed walls and brown thatched roof and the red and white roses which grew over the porch I was fearfully cold before I got there The snow was in my slippers and down my neck and among the thickening masses of my hair At one moment I came upon some sheep and lambs that were sheltering under a hedge, and they bleated in the silence of the nighgood But at last I saw the warm red windows of the doctor s cottage, and coming to the wicket gate, I pushed it open though it was clogged with snow, and stepped up to the porch.

And then, with her husband s arm about her waist, the good soul left me to myself I don t know how I knew, but I did know that that house was a home of dumps I don t know how I knew, but I did know, that that sweet woman, who had been the daughter of a well to do man, had chosen the doctor out of all the men in the world when he was only a medical student fresh from Germany or Switzerlan I don t know how I knew, but I did know, that leaving father and mother and a sheltered home she had followed her young husband when he first came to Ellan without friends or connections, and though poor then and poor still, she had never regretted point I don t know how I knew, but I did know, that all this was the opposite of what had happened to my own dear mother, who having everything yet had nothing, while this good creature having nothing yet had test SEVENTH CHAPTER When I awoke next morning the sun was shining, and, after my hair had been brushed smooth over my forehead, I was sitting up in bed, eating for breakfast the smallest of bantam eggs with the smallest of silver spoons, when the door opened with a bang and a small figure tumbled into my roo It was a boy, two years older than myself.

In a sudden surprise to fans and followers of Janasena,  a strong rumor sprang like a wild fire in Tollywood that Pawan Kalyan going to act in a movie,  by keeping aside politics for some while. This led to new controversy that Janasena Chief PK had lost confidence on his political party victory in politics after a 4 months whirlwind tour in Godavari districts, where his community has major chunk.
immediately after this news came out, his political rivals attacked him fierce statements. Pawan lost confidence of voters, so he is going to make up once again by saying pack up to politics. This seems clear damage to Janasenani..
So janasenas reacted very quickly to snub such type of baseless allegations and released a press note stating that… Pawan is very keen on politics. He had no intention to come back  silver screen once and again. He left the movies for service of people. His thoughts are totally on serving for the poor people and questioning the ruling parties stated in his released press statement.
Some Power star fans who are eager to watch him on reel screen seems to be unhappy with this news, While his Janasena followers who intended to him as Chief minister are celebrating.
Pawan kalyan team totally worrying about cooked stories of such content.. With his explanation would false news come to an end…??


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