Ktr The Richest Farmer in Telugu States

Is Telangana former IT minister, Trs party chief Kcr’s son Ktr emerged as the richest farmer in Telugu states…?? In his latest election affidavit submitted to Election commission he showed his revenues and expenses. In this affidavit Ktr revealed that he and his wife Shylima gave about one crore rupees as debt to Kcr, his father.

Two days when Kcr affidavit he showed he was indebted to his son’s family about one crore rupees. This sparks controversy, while congress accused this as silly and Kcr family was the most corrupt in Indian politics. Ktr fired on these allegations and attacked his rivals with severe criticism.

Apart from this, Ktr affidavit also centre for new controversy where he showed that he was earning about 58 lakhs of rupees only from agricultural income. Mahakootami leaders laughing at Ktr agricultural income and asking him to take classes for Telangana farmers who were sank in deep crisis.

Four years back Kcr said that he was getting One crore rupees revenue for one acre per annum. Now, his son Ktr balance sheet becomes bulge with agriculture. Does Kcr family had any magic lantern in their hands.. which makes grew millionnaires overnight..?? Secret has to be revealed by them only.


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