Zinnia blossomed in Space

The first ever flower has blossomed in space for the first time aboard Internatinal Space Station (ISS). Over 400 km high from the surface of Earth, a beautiful Veggie space flower ‘Zinnia’ has been grown. A National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronaut Scott Kelley shared a photograph of the first ever photo grown in the space! “First ever flower grown in space makes its debut. The astronaut tweeted with the image of a bright yellow colored flower which resembles sunflower. The flower is from the plant zinnia that is a native form South-western United States. The plant growth facility was installed in the orbiting laboratory in 2014.

The flower was chosen by scientists to understand the growth of plants in microgravity. The flowers were grown inside the Veggie lab aboard International Space Station (ISS) which was installed in early May 2014. With the success of this experiment, Zinnia has become the first flowering plant grown outside Earth’s atmosphere. “Growing zinnia plants will help advance our knowledge of how plants flower in the Veggie growth system, and will enable fruiting plants like tomatoes to be grown and eaten in space using Veggie as the in-orbit garden,” Trent Smith, Veggie project manager at Nasa’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida stated in a press release.

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