Young leaders in TDP gain demand in GHMCP Campaign

Young leaders in TDP getting demand in GHMC poll campaigns.
The young guns of TDP, General Secretary Lokesh and MP Kinjarapu Ram Mohan Naidu succeeded in gaining lots of support and respect during his campaign for TDP candidate in greater Hyderabad municipal elections. Lokesh leads the whole party campaign in GHMC. After him, Ram Mohan visited Moosapet and Allapur divisions of Kukatpally constituency and attracted a large number of Andhra settlers into campaign with him.

Ram Mohan moved closer to people reminding them of his father Yerram Naidu’s in speech of campaign for last GHMC polls and the TDP candidate is confident of winning again with Ram Mohan’s campaign this time.

Ram Mohan garnered lot of attention and support from public allover, while other leaders like Uma, Pullarao, Acchemnaidu, Ravela and Ayyanapatrudu could not see that craze for their campaign.

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