Y.S. Jagan maintains relations with film actress: TDP leader Rajendra Prasad blames

Telugu Desam Party leaders have strongly attacked on YSRCP President YS Jaganmohan on published of Nara Lokesh’s old pics while partying with his friends in foreign. Former TDP MLC Y Babu Rajendra Prasad has made severe allegations against Jagan Reddy that YS Jagan had maintained relation with several heroines in the past and even maintaining them now. Rajendra Prasad threatened to expose all of them. He further claimed to have substantial proofs against Jagan. Rajendra Prasad further said that he is aware of what Jagan would do when he goes out for holidaying and where he would go. “Whenever he goes absconding for days, I know where he goes and what he does. It’s better to stop these kind of politics,” said Rajendra Prasad threatening to expose Jagan. With RP’s latest comments, the war of words between TDP and YSRCP turned uglier as it has become more of personal attack.

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