Wow! Now you can change number and share live location on Whatsapp

Whatsapp, as you all know is the most famous social chat application. It was in news recently since its taken over by Facebook. Whatsapp is working on new beta version and is still testing to finalize the launch of few new features.  The new features may allow users to change their numbers and share their location. 

For changing numbers, there will be three options – Share the new number with all contacts, share only with those contacts you have chats with, or you can choose not to share your new number with anyone. This feature sends notifications to all the groups you are part of, irrespective of which option you choose. Lastly, the “Change Number” feature is disabled by default and you will have to switch it ON when changing your number. Post go-live, it would solve quite a few problems of users who tend to lose their chats when they change numbers and also relieves them from the despair of sharing their new number with all manually.
Live Location sharing feature will be similar to that was recently introduced by Facebook and replicated on Whatsapp. Beta version contains this feature but for now its disabled by default. Also, there is no official confirmation on the launch timeframe of both these features.

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