World’s most obese man Jan Pedro Franco to undergo surgical treatment!

World’s most obese man Juan Pedro Franco to undergo surgical treatment!

Jan Pedro Franco is a 32-year-old resident of Aguascalientes City located in North-Central Mexico. Franco weighs almost 1150 pounds (520 Kilos) and was immobile since past six years.  He was very keen to get back on his feet and hence contacted the clinic after viewing their online ad.

Doctor Jose Antonio Castaneda is the obesity specialist and he mentioned that if we follow the right procedures and diet then it is possible to get him back on track. Dr. Castaneda had put Franco on 3-months diet that resulted in weight loss of nearly 30 percent and is now ready to go under the knife. A gastric bypass Surgery was scheduled for 29th Mar 2017 at the hospital in the western city of Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Franco drew global attention in early 2006 when he appealed via Mexican TV network that incited both private and public help. Franco mentioned there were many other people confined like him in their homes and wants to urge all those suffering from obesity “to raise their voice and ask for help as it is possible”.

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