Women don’t need to change name in passport after marriage

Women don't need to change name in passport after marriage -telugu70mm.com

On the 50th year celebrations of IMC Ladies Wing in Mumbai, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Women do not have to submit their marriage or divorce certificate for a passport. It will be their choice on using either their father or mother’s names in the document.

Many women had spoken about the humiliating treatment at the passport office.  Normally they are asked to submit documents related to husbands name or fathers name. They are even asked to submit divorce deeds in case they have separated.  

Priyanka Gupta had started a online petition after her daughters passport application was denied as they did not want father name on the document.  This got attention of women and Child development Minister Meneka Gandhi who Intern got it to the notice of external affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

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