Watch: Sachin asks for a promise! But what is it…

Sachin asks for a

A number of road accidents have taken lives of people. Numerous campaigns have been launched to make people aware about road safety. Sachin Tendulkar has also joined the initiative of making people aware about the road safety and urging them to wear helmet while driving two-wheelers.

A video went viral, it shows that how former Indian cricketer is asking two young boys to put on helmet as they ride a scooter.  Also when he saw two boys without helmet on a two wheeler and tried to take a selfie with Sachin he in turn asked them for a promise. He said, “Promise me one thing, next time you will use a helmet. It is dangerous for you like this. Life is precious. Is that a promise? 100 percent?”

 The cricket legend posted the video on his Twitter page and tweeted, “Helmet Dalo!! Road safety should be highest priority for everyone. Please don’t ride without a helmet.”

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