Is Virender Sehwag in line to become next US President? Know the truth…

Virender Sehwag-Next-US-President-telugu70mm

Virender Sehwag knows it to tickle the funny bone with his witty one-liners. Once again the cricketer left everyone on social media in splits when he shared a news article from New York Times newspaper. He also wrote “haha” attaching the clipping of the paper. This was a quick hint that it was an awesome April fool prank. The newspaper has also that stated that Sehwag is in line to become to next US President. 

The highlight was that the article was written by Stephen Smith.  The article also stated that with Virender Sehwag touring the United States regularly, the Trump administration is in touch with him. In fact, Trump is also expected to discuss the matter with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi when the two meet later this year.

Well, that’s what we call a perfect sixer!

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