Vada Sambar: A prison food? Well that’s what a world renowned Chef thinks!

Vada Sambar: A prison food?

Known for his culinary skills across the globe, Chef Gordon Ramsey is equally famous for social media trolls. Chef Gordon normally takes on to twitter and rates dishes. A Mumbai man Rameez posted a picture of Vada Sambar on social media and asked the chef to rate it. To which Gordon took a funny take and mentioned that I didn’t know you can tweet from prison.

Immediately after this post, there was a lot of backfires from the Indians as many of them enjoy this dish as a delicacy. A number of comments poured in and some of them were:

The food looks a normal plate of Vada, Sambar, and chutney. Unless you mean normal Indian food is only good for prison.

Every cuisine that you’re ignorant about is not from prison!

 But looks like despite those comments Rameez was happy that at least the dish was acknowledged by the chef and he wrote, “Dal Vada has never been acknowledged on SM by a famous foreign chef. Contest over.”

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