United Airlines in news yet, know details!

A giant rabbit died in unexplained circumstances on a United Airlines flight from Britain to Chicago in the latest unfortunate incident to hit the beleaguered airline, as per a media report.

Rabbit breeder Annette Edwards told the newspaper that the rabbit, which was likely to grow to be the biggest in the world after his father Darius grew to 1.32 meters. He said “Simon had a vet’s check-up three hours before the flight and was fit as a fiddle”. “Something very strange has happened and I want to know what. I’ve sent rabbits all around the world and nothing like this has happened before. The client who bought Simon is very famous. He’s upset.”

Less than three weeks after United Airlines drew global outrage for forcefully dragging a passenger off an overbooked flight, this is the second instance.

United airlines stated “We have been in contact with our customer and have offered assistance. We are reviewing this matter.” Also, they mentioned that they were “saddened” by this incident.

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