UK police detailed 38 Indians overstaying their visa period: Immigration

In one of the largest operations by the Immigration department and police officials in Leicester in the east Midlands, 38 Indians which included 29 men and 9 women were detained. There found overstaying their visas or working illegally after conducting raids in two clothing factories. A report from Leicester said that the companies that employed them will also face fines up to 20,000 pounds for each illegal worker.

Alison Spowage of East Midlands Immigration Enforcement said in a press report, “Using illegal labor is not victimless. It cheats the taxpayer, undercuts honest businesses and denies legitimate job seekers of employment opportunities. The penalties for businesses that do not play by the rules are rightly severe. This operation, one of the largest-scale my team has conducted, sends a clear message that we have the resources to tackle immigration abuse.”

Accordingly media reports, seven out of the detained had entered the UK illegally while others had overstayed their visa period. In recent years, many foreign nationals without the right to work in the UK have been detained and thousands of pounds have been fined to their employers. 

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