TRS ahead of other parties in GHMC Polls

Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) scored another point over all the political parties in Greater Hyderabad elections. TRS has released its Manifesto. The party stood first in many things. It was the first party to launch the campaign by occupying every empty space available in the public sphere of Hyderabad. Similarly, TRS was the first party to announce the first list of candidates. TRS is the only party in the GHMC election which is fielding candidates from all the 150 constituencies. These many ‘firsts’, definitely, would instil confidence among the party workers that GHMC election is going to herald a new phase in politics of Hyderabad. All these ‘firsts ‘ emboldened the IT minister to throw a challenge to all rivals parties that the ruling party  was going to win 100 seats in the GHMC  and he would resign, without any hesitation, if the party failed to cross the magic figure.

He further asked the rival parties that whether they were ready to resign from their position if the TRS wins 100 seats. Though this sounds a bit rash, the challenge electrified the campaign. Congress did accept the challenge but said it should have come from his father and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. TDP took almost a week to give it reaction on KTR challenge.  It was onlyon Friday that TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh accepted the challenge and expressed doubt if KTR was really serious about resigning if his party fails to win 100 seats. Later Lokesh announced that he would campaign in Hyderabad till January 30.

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