Tiger Shroff is the greatest woman I saw in my life: RGV

Tiger Shroff is the greatest woman I saw in my life RGV-telugu70mm.com

Yes, you read it right! That’s Ram Gopal Varma’s latest statement for Tiger Shroff. Controversy and RGV go hand in hand. In a series of tweet, RGV posed an open challenge to Vidyut to engage in street fight with Tiger.

RGV’s series of tweets read:

“As a martial arts fan am really curious about who’s better fighter btwn @iTIGERSHROFF and @VidyutJammwal ..I wish they will fight and prove”

“I personally think @iTIGERSHROFF is far better and he should challenge @VidyutJammwal for a real fight and prove to everyone that he’s best.”

“I am super sure @VidyutJammwal will run away if @iTIGERSHROFF challenges him for a hand to hand kick to kick fight in real.”

“My bet is on @iTIGERSHROFF and am sure he will prove he’s Bruce Lee ka baap by destroying @VidyutJammwal in an open challenge real fight”

“Correction of my earlier tweet is I heard @VidyutJammwal said ..I dint hear directly”

As a reply to these tweets, Vidyut shared a audio of RGV and said some really harsh words about Tiger.

Vidyut posted that , “Forget the Shaolin Monk style, check out @RGVZoomin’s #drunkenmasterstyle.”

In the audio file RGV was saying , “Tiger Shroff is the greatest woman I saw in my life.”

Finally after all this, RGV apologized both the actors and posted a series of tweets

“Though it was done in my usual fun way,I apologise to both @VidyutJammwal and @iTIGERSHROFF for the irritation caused”

Adding, “I will always apologise for a mistake becos I have courage to admit. –Bruce Lee”

“I want to thank @VidyutJammwal for the extraordinary expose not to the people about me,but for exposing me to myself about myself”

“I truly thank @VidyutJammwal for my changeover nd I want to apologise to Bruce Lee for not understanding him the way Vidyut made me realize.”

Ram Gopal Varma’s audio :-


After all this, all one can say is RGV surely knows how to be in news!

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