Temporary measures will not serve: UoH SC/ST Faculty Forum

The university of Hyderabad (UoH) forum of teachers representing SC/ST members requested that to set up a separate committee to study the University-specific problems and undertake reforms in consultation with students, faculty and administrators . The SC/ST Faculty Forum blamed Rohith Vemula’s suicide last month on social atmosphere of discrimination and exclusion faced by the Dalit students on the campus.  The forum said that “We believe some temporary measures here and there will not serve any purpose. We need some basic reforms and steps to address the problems of discrimination and related issues of the Dalit students. The Forum said MHRD/UGC should immediately enact a law to make caste discrimination a punishable crime,” it added Rohith, a PhD student at the central university, was found dead in a hostel room on the campus on January 17.

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