Techies start campaign for GHMC Polls

A group of techies working in the campaigning and trying hard to promote the upcoming GHMC polls. These techies at The Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) have tied up with Pramanya Strategy, an international political research and strategy organization to spread awareness on the need to exercise one’s right to vote with the slogan ‘Awaz Do Hyderabad – Awaz Do Techies’. The campaign will ensure that the power of devising the election agenda lies with voters and not the political parties.

The agenda will be submitted to all the contesting political parties and their candidates to make them aware of the voters’ demand. Voters can also call the IVR number 8471055557 to include their demands in the parties’ agenda. Hyderabad netizens can tweet their demands to @ awazdohyd and post them on @ Awaz Do Techies Facebook Page.  Furthermore, voters can also send Whats App messages, give missed calls or post their messages in social med.

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