TDP election song becomes controversy in GHMC campaign

Telugu Desam Party election campaign song is now causing a lot of embarrassment to the TDP cadre in the party campaign in the ongoing Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections. The song “Kadalirandi Telugu Desa Kaaryakarthalaara… Tyaagalaku venudeeyani desabhakthulaara..” was always been a big hit during all the previous elections but reason for controversy is the party has retained the lines: “Swarnandhra ratha nirmaananiki nadum katti randi..” (Get ready to build the golden Andhra Pradesh).

Obviously, the TDP cadre in Telangana does not have to get ready to build golden Andhra Pradesh. Similarly, songs on Amaravati capital are also being played during the campaign. Now, the party leaders and cadre are at their wits’ end as to how they would convince the Telangana people to rebuild Andhra Pradesh or Amaravati. So, when the loudspeakers go blazing with the party song, the cadres are getting embarrassed. But they cannot reject the same because it is a popular song and was thrust upon them by the high command!

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