TDP Cadre scarring to pronounce Chandra Babu as CM

YSRCP MLA Roja comments against Chief Minister Chandra babu Naidu made TDP cadre to change the pronunciation of their party Chief. Chandra Babu is the CM of Andhra Pradesh and always happy to be addressed as Chief Minister. Chanda Babu too likes everyone to address him as CM and he found it difficult to get used to as opposition leader when he lost election. Chanda Babu Naidu loves to be called as CM and the party cadre delights him thoroughly. However now he started receiving shock by  party leaders from Krishna district stopped calling him as CM. They are addressing him as Mukhya Mantri instead of calling as Chief Minister, after YSRCP leaders led by Roja in the floor of the house attacked him saying CM Chandra Babu is Call Money Chandra Babu. If continues to pronounce as CM chandrababu it may sends wrong signal like as Call Money Chandra babu. Now TDP leaders and cadre fear that if they address him as CM, it will send wrong signals. Wonder what will be the reaction of Chandra Babu as party supporters in Krishna district are asking people not to call him as CM.

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